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5 of the world’s top Instagram photographers are heading on a roadtrip of a lifetime through Ontario, Canada. Follow along their journey here!

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5 photographes Instagram accomplis partent en voyage style ‘roadtrip’ à travers l’Ontario au Canada. Suivez-les tout au leur périple!

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Top 20 Instagram Photos of Canada Shared with #ExploreCanada

Post by: Rishad Daroowala

For the past 8 months, the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Instagram account @ExploreCanada has been publishing a photo each day submitted by travellers and locals in Canada using the #ExploreCanada hashtag.

When we first started publishing photos, we used to share some of our epic brand shots we took from our yearly shoots across the country - And believe me, we visit some really cool places with some of Canada’s best photographers. While the shots were sweet, they weren’t exactly the day to day shots most travellers would take on the go. So essentially we wanted to show travellers who visit our country what Canada would look like from their perspective. 

In the past 8 months, we went from 421 shared photos to 33,243.  To showcase a little sample of what we received, I’ve put together my Top 20 Photos submitted with #ExploreCanada. And remember, if you want to show off your best photos of Canada to the world, just use the hashtag and we’ll share our faves! - with credit of course :)

Top 20 Photos of Canada using the #ExploreCanada hashtag

@Calsnape: 5am Yoga at Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park


@Annie_B02: “Road Block” ……Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies


@KrisKrug grabbed this sweet catch in PEI this past Summer!


@Jose_Azpiri - North Lights in Whitehorse, Yukon. UNREAL! 


@Doc_Moore The beautiful Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick image

 @scottkrebsfrom Lake Louise, Alberta. This shot was taken at the Ice Magic Festival – a 36hr competition with twelve teams of internationally recognized professional ice carvers.


Just a cool candid shot by @jumberlain!


My colleague (and desk buddy) @KyokoManabe took this amazing shot from the Niagara Helicopters looking down on the Falls! 


Probably my fave! A Salmon shark at Haida Gwaii (on the North Coast of British Columbia) by the good folks at @LangaraFishing.


*shameless promo alert* I took this shot at the Whistler Crankworx Festival this past Summer - Crankworx is one of the world’s best and largest free-ride biking competitions.



So much awesome in this pic! The @Turkster took this shot overlooking the Prairies.image

Outdoor Ice Hockey in Nova Scotia by @chris_suretteimage

This one just poked its head out for a look! Pic by @Skaitlin in Kamloops B.C.


The Über exhilarating CN Tower Edgewalk taken by @ExploreCanada. (That’s me in the pic!).


The beautiful Fall colors by @moniquedina and her sisters  from Dorset Ontario.


Fall in Muskoka by @NateMuskoka. 


Taken by @faith_hope_love of an #Inuksuk on Fairview Mountain, Alberta. This shot was taken at an elevation of 2,744m (9,003 ft). 


Looking over the world from Whistler B.C. by @Kate_Duffy


Dogsledding with Sundogs Excursions in Saskatchewan by @TravellinLady


Playing fetch with a golden retriever in Nova Scotia by @MalBC


- Post by:Rishad Daroowala

Twitter / Instagram: @FreeRishad



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